Red pendant with crystals “Pacifik”


Fashion Pendant “Pacifik” c red silk tassels, decorated with Swarovski crystals

A very unusual and stylish decoration consists of a metal with the crystals in suspension form “Pacifik” sign, red silk brush and a knitted cord tone brush. The sign “Pacifik”, which is used to decorate this truly feminine, he looks very gentle and air. Such decoration is easily combined with everyday basic things: shirts, jumpers, turtleneck. But on the clothes of different colors, it will look different. On the bright ─ More details will be provided in red on a red sign ─ “Pacifik”, but in the dark and black ─ will be equally visible all the details.

A bit of history. Sign of the pacifist designed by professional British designer Gerald Holtom (Gerald Herbert Holtom) in 1958. The basis of the mark formed two semaphore signal taken into service in the fleet, namely letters «D» and «N». Why are these two letters? The concept is simple: sign pacifist Holt worked for the British organization called the “Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament» (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, CND), and specifically to the anti-nuclear march, which was to be held in London.

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