Ethnic sacred necklace “Tibetan knot”


The harmonious decoration in the blue-blue tones, which can be your talisman. The necklace is made of beads pressed turquoise, lapis lazuli, agate, and tinted. In the center of the present ─ Gau amulet handmade Tibet. The amulet is inlaid with turquoise and lapis lazuli. Hollow inside, the amulet is used in Tibet on the basis of our amulets, with a separate lid. It depicts a sign “Tibet node.” As the node has no beginning or end, and desired us forever. Node symbolizes the power over time and actions. Charm helps articulate their desires and attract good luck.

Residents of Tibet and Nepal do not usually leave the house without their mascots. Often, these mascots look like bright ethnic jewelry with semiprecious stones. In fact, this powerful amulets give luck, strength, love, health and protect from harm. These “decorations with the meaning of” created by hand from precious metals and natural stones. During their manufacture the master recite a special mantra. As a result, ornaments become real helpers. The strongest impact on the charm – it Gau. This portable altar Tibetan small size, which is worn around the neck as a pendant. It is believed that when you wear Gau, accompanies you all the blessings of Buddhist lamas. Buddhists fill Gau special relics, and while decorations are really powerful amulets. Numerous stories, when in serious trouble Buddhists were rescued thanks to Gau.

Pressed beads of turquoise, lapis lazuli and tinted agate pendant handmade Tibetan masters of brass inlaid natural turquoise and lapis lazuli with a flip lid silver clasp Toggle length of 52 cm weight 132 gr pendant 8.5 cm

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